Oh, Jeez, Expect Even More Burger King Advertising in 2010

Our relationship with Burger King advertising is one of love/hate. On one hand, it gives us plenty to blog about; on the other, it is often annoying as hell. To recap, here's a shortlist of just some of the stunts in the past few months that have drawn our attention/ire: Whopper sacrifice, Burger-scented body spray, Third-World Whopper virgins, diplomat-angering stereotypes, and children's songs about butts. If there's one thing BK doesn't need, it's probably more advertising in this country, but then again, Riptide doesn't have a business degree.

The suits at BK HQ have decided to increase their U.S. ad budget in 2010 by as much as 25 percent. The fast-food joint will also launch the following products: an an extra-thick burger, bone-in ribs, grilled fish sandwiches, and a new grilled chicken sandwich.

Just what the world needs -- more Dadaist advertising and fast food.

[QSR: Burger King to increase U.S. ad spend in 2010]


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