Oh Good Grief, Another Burger King Stunt

Before we indulge, yet again, in Burger King's cheap and greasy menu of shameless blog-attention-whoring marketing tactics, let's get out our feelings about their cheap and greasy menu of food: their fries taste like salted cardboard, their salad selection is terribly disappointing, and the Quad Stacker is by far the grossest culinary creation to ever be served in restaurants across the globe. 

Conscience cleared, let's talk about Miami-based Burker King's latest stunt. The Whopper Sacrifice Facebook app promises a coupon for a free whopper to any user who deletes ten of their friends from their Facebook entourage. Which basically makes you choose which vice you like to indulge in more: trolling the profiles of former high school classmates so you can laugh at the pathetic state of their lives, or a eating a 670-calorie sandwich. 

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