Oddsmakers Strongly Favor Heat to Win Championship

Las Vegas and online bookies have had the Heat as the favorites to repeat since before this season even began, and as the Heat prepare to take on the Spurs in the finals, the oddsmakers haven't changed their mind despite a seven-game struggle against the Pacers.

The online line is the Heat -240, which is pretty damn favorable.

The means in order to win $100 you'd have to put down $240 on the Heat.

The line on the Heat is +200, according to

The site has LeBron as the 4/9 favorite to repeat as final MVP. Dwyane Wade's odds are at 8/1. Meanwhile on the Spurs side, Tony Parker's odds are 9/2, and Tim Duncan's are 7/1.

And here are the site's odds on how many games the series will come down to:

Exact Series Result

Miami Heat 4-0, 7/1

Miami Heat 4-1, 19/4

Miami Heat 4-2, 11/4

Miami Heat 4-3, 10/3

San Antonio Spurs 4-0, 18/1

San Antonio Spurs 4-1, 17/2

San Antonio Spurs 4-2, 7/1

San Antonio Spurs 4-3, 7/1

Of course, here's the part where we remind you that bookies set their odds on how they think people will bet, more than any sort of sophisticated analysis of the match-up.

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