Oddsmakers Give Heat 1-in-6 Odds to Break NBA Winning Streak Record

Last night, the Miami Heat racked up its 23rd straight win and now stands alone as having the second-longest winning streak in NBA history. The team is ten wins away from tying the record with the 1971-72 Lakers, and 11 from owning it outright.

Can they do it? An oddsmaker has given them 1-in-6 odds.

Gambling site Bovada.lv set the pretty decent odds today, according to Sports Illustrated. The oddsmakers over/under on the streak is set at 29 games.

The site also gives the Heat 11-to-10 odds to repeat as champions.

The Heat does have a pretty favorable schedule to keep the streak going for at least awhile. Their next four games are against Cleveland, Detroit, Charlotte, and Orlando. Those four teams have the four worst records in the Eastern Division. A loss to any would be a minor embarrassment under normal circumstances, let alone as a potential streak ender. It's then off to Chicago to face the Bulls, who are at least solid playoff contenders, before visiting the New Orleans Hornets, who are the worst team in the Western Conference.

The big test comes March 31, when the Heat travels to San Antonio to take on the Spurs, the leaders of the Western Conference, in what could possibly be a finals preview.

The Heat is also pulling off this streak in garbage time of the NBA. Most teams who are already comfortably in the playoffs are taking it slow and giving starters some time to rest. So even if the Heat did break the record, the team would have precious little time to rest before the playoffs. So, yeah, a record-setting streak would be neat but not as sweet as the ultimate prize.

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