Oddsmakers Favor Hurricanes As Next Team To Get Major Sanctions

The USC Trojans are currently under harsh sanctions (much to the 'Canes benefit), and ironically Butch Davis, who once was charged with picking up the pieces of Miami's sanction shattered program, is now feeling the fall out of an NCAA investigation at UNC. Sports oddsmakers are already wondering which program is going to go down next. Apparently, they highly favor the Hurricanes.

The oddsmakers over at SBR Forum give Miami 15/1 odds of being the next team to face sanctions. That's the highest odds of any team. The good news is that once-and-future rivals Notre Dame are right up there with us with the same odds, along with Michigan.

"When sizing up the violators, you have to go on motive," explains Steve Ricci, SBR Forum Oddsmaker in the post. "Teams that have underachieved in recent years are more likely to push the boundaries and commit NCAA infractions."

They also point to Miami's history. Though, we think that scandal plagued past will actually make sure the 'Canes steer clear of future sanctions. With the college's increasing academic profile under President Donna Shalala the last thing the administration wants is football related embarrassment. They run a tight ship over in Coral Gables, and we've accused coach Randy Shannon of acting like the meanest nun at a Catholic girls' school when it comes to disciplinary matters before.

The team has learned their lesson, and if anything, they're overly cautious about making sure they don't go down that road again

There's also the matter of fact that the school's former athletic director, Paul Dee, currently chairs the NCAA Committee on Infractions. That's not to say that he'd go easy on him (in fact, we figure, he'd probably have to recuse himself from the investigation if the 'Canes ran afoul), but it's a bonus having a close relationship with the guy who's charged with knowing the rule book on infractions inside and out.

If you're wondering, the oddsmakers give both Florida and Florida State 25/1 odds of running afoul of the NCAA.

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Kyle Munzenrieder