Obnoxious Germaphobe Patrick White Attacks Woman for Coughing on Flight

If there's any justice in the world, hopefully Patrick White got thrown in a cell with a crook with a runny nose.

White, 31, was arrested and charged with battery at the Jacksonville International Airport after attacking and accosting a woman who had dared to cough while aboard his flight.

According to a police report obtained by News4Jax.com, White "continually harassed and chastised [the woman] for coughing and 'spreading disease.'"

Apparently White, a Georgia resident, really didn't want to get sick, but if the charges are true, he already seems to suffer from a severe case of germaphobia and a distinct strain of the douchebag virus.

You'd think that after the flight, White would get away from the coughing 19-year-old woman as soon as possible, but while the plane was deboarding, he began calling the woman obscene names and complained she had infected everyone on the airplane.

Once in the terminal, White "yelled and charged toward her, striking her chest with his right shoulder and arm, driving her back and slamming her into the wall."

This takes obnoxious germaphobia to a whole new level. News flash: People get sick. Germs are everywhere. Ain't nothing you can do about it. Just stock up on Purell, take your vitamin C supplements, wear a surgical mask if you're really that concerned about it, and sit tight.

White was arrested and charged with battery resulting in a minor injury.

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