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Obamacare Isn't All Good or All Bad

Reader Mail: Obamacare Isn't All Good or All Bad
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Off-the-Grid Athletes

These guys are stars?: I read your feature story last week about off-the-radar sports stars in South Florida ("Jock City," Tricia Woolfenden, July 5), and I have to ask: Are any of them actually any good? I think Jonatan Sredni, for example, is a mediocre player in a midlevel class of motorcycle racing. And since when is fishing a fringe or extreme sport?


Obamacare Rocks

Brainless commentary: The Supreme Court made a 5-4 decision allowing President Obama's health-care reform to stand, yet Uncle Luke has the audacity to call it a no-brainer ("Luke's Gospel: Obamacare Is as American as Apple Pie and Free Speech," Luther Campbell, July 5)? You have no brain, Luke. You fail to address any of the complexities presented by this bill and instead offer blind validation of Obama. As an Obama supporter, I can still appreciate the argument that our government should be one with limited powers, and whether it can mandate you to buy health care or insurance should be carefully assessed.


Democratic hypocrisy: Luke writes that Republicans "don't have an issue with sending young men and women in the military to fight wars in the Middle East." Well, why are we still there if that's just the GOP's thinking? Your fearless leader promised to have us out of the Middle East, yet we are still there, and now he says maybe we will be there until 2024. You, sir, are a hypocritical dildo. You back anything our leader says and does. Thank God we have a chance to be saved on Election Day.


Bad policy: I now have the right to have the government tell my doctor how to treat me, and mandate that I get coverage, or tax me if I don't. And best of all, I now have the mandated directive to pay for those who can't afford it, because the cost of health care will now be spread across the entire population, with some paying much more than others. Yeah, that's fair. Glad to hear I can now support more people with my hard-earned income. Can I claim the 20 million uninsured people as dependents on my tax return? Of course not. Thanks, Mr. President. Nice to see you are truly representing "the people," or should I say, "your people."

Greg Smitherson

Hands off health care: So Luke thinks "living a healthy life should be required for everybody." Required? Is that freedom? Fine, I'll set up your exercise regimen and diet plan, and either you stick to it or you go to jail. I'm not saying we don't have major problems in our health-care system. I am saying Obama­care is not the answer. The federal government needs to keep its hands off health care. Name one social program the federal government has ever administered successfully.


Pros and cons: Like many or even most laws, Obamacare isn't all good or all bad. The assessment of whether it's more good than bad depends on one's principles. For my part, I see the bill's banning of insurance companies refusing to cover people because of "pre-existing conditions" as a positive move, but the individual mandate as more negative.


Business suffers: You are wrong, Luke. I am a small-business owner. I run a legit small business with four employees, and my employees often make more then I do as an owner. This health-care plan will seal the fate of all small business and cause more damage to the economy than the recession.


Back in the USSR: Here's the truth: Obamacare is as American as borscht, the Lubyanka, and the gulag.

Harvey Lain

Stealing from the rich: The leftist lords of the land have stated, "From this day forward, let the whiners be pandered to no matter how stupid. We will tax the middle and upper class until it seems like there is no point in having a good job, because if you do, we will just steal your money and give it to someone else through taxes." They will justify this under the guise of fairness, but be warned, if you are doing well in life, liberals will always look for a way to screw you over.


Bath Salt Bonanza

Discount degrees: Your story about how Sweetwater Mayor Mario Maroño has pounced on the Miami Zombie story to ban bath salts even though no one in that town has ever been caught with them ("Bath Salt Insanity," Michael E. Miller, July 5) makes me wonder: Did Maroño receive his biochemistry degree from the Holiday Inn Express?

Chaz Stevens, Genius

One step ahead: As soon as any one specific substance is deemed illegal, the chemists will find a way to circumvent it. That makes for some pretty dirty chemical cocktails.


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