Obama Won Because We're Now a Nation of "Sluts," According to Babalu Blog

"There are a million arguments as to why Mitt Romney lost the election...," writes Luis Gonzalez over at Miami's favorite right wing blog, Babalu Blog.

Well, you could certainly say that.

"But everything boils down to one simple fact...," he continues.

Uh, huh, and what would that be exactly?

"We have become a nation of freeloaders, squatters and sluts."

Oh! I was not expecting that!

Obviously, political junkies of either side usually spend a week or two in utter dejection and misery whenever their guy losses a presidential election. Declarations range from "I'm moving to Canada" to "America has died" are pretty common, but even by normal standards Babalu blog is not taking Romney's loss very well.

"There will be other elections, but they will be all but meaningless," writes Gonzalez.

This guy is pretty certain America is now going to become some socialist sex romp:

There are a million arguments as to why Mitt Romney lost the election, but everything boils down to one simple fact...we have become a nation of freeloaders, squatters and sluts. A majority of the people of the nation have lost all respect for every principle that we once held high, and entitlement has replaced endeavor as our prevailing common behavior. As a people, we have given free rein to our collective id, and where morals and tradition once reigned we now have drives and impulses ruling. Above it all, the libido stands and demands constitutional authentication.

Or, here's another theory why Romney lost: He and other people in his party kept calling half of America "freeloading sluts." Just an idea.

There was of course the episode earlier this year in which Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a "slut" for thinking birth control should be covered by all health insurance plans, like, you know, Viagra. That was followed up by a couple of GOP Senate candidates making tone-deaf comments about rape which derailed their campaigns and handed their seats to Democrats.

Then, of course, there was Romney's own claim that 47 percent of Americans are basically entitled freeloaders.

So, perhaps the GOP's problem isn't so much that we're all freeloading sluts (news flash: through all of recorded human history, people have always loved sex and free stuff), maybe it's just that they keep calling half of America freeloading sluts.

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