Obama is Not Muslin, or Muslim, but Andy Lacasse Sure is Stupid

You know how politicians like to pull out phrases like "I know the voters of Florida believe..." or "the Citizens of this great state know..."? Then you're like, "Wow, I am a voter in Florida. It's like he's talking about me!" Then you realize he's grouping you in with a pretty undesirable group ...voters in Florida.

Take for example Barefoot Bay resident Andy Lacasse, who has put a sign in his yard saying "Obama Half-Breed Muslin". How dare he! Muslin is a finely-woven cotton fabric. Everyone knows if Obama was a fabric he'd be silk, because he's totally smooth.

Oh, perhaps he meant Muslim. He's not that either f.y.i. We should all know that by now, Wright?

One of the reason LaCasse hates Obama so much is that he thinks the candidate is trying to spread misinformed lies. Imagine the nerve of someone trying to do that.

"Look what he's doing to Palin. Come on. He got people going to Alaska, looking for something to say bad about her," Lacasse said to CFNews 13.

Yes, Lacasse has just as much say in chosing senators, governors and electoral votes as you do. Democracy at its best.

Kyle Munzenrieder

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