"Obama Inspired Violence" Story Made Up, Sorry Drudge

Yesterday Matt Drudge put a big, red headline on his site about the poor little McCain volunteer who got attacked by a big, scary black man who put a backwards "B" (for Barack, supposedly) in her face with a knife (a link is still up, as of this writing. He's got the "She made it up" story up now). Right wing blogs, like Miami's own Babalu, jumped on the story as an example of "Obama inspired violence." Whoops turns out it's totally fake. Yep, she made it up because she is a horrible, horrible person who has no problem with all the race baiting and the deplorable media manipulation, and probably needs some sort of help.

Har har, ready for a bad joke? Turns out the only person with anything unwelcome on their face is Drudge. Egg on his face that is. Hardy har har har hee.

This can't be good for the recent bit of chatter that Miami-based Drudge is losing his edge.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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