NY Times Takes Web Tip From Herald

In their never ending quest to figure out the Internet, newspapers (us included!) are trying lots of new things. Well "new" to them anyway.

The New York Times has a prototype for an "Article Skimmer" up. Headlines and ledes are placed in a grid, and using java technology readers skim between different sections. Want to see how the Times weighed in on the latest production of Uncle Vanya or other plays, click on "Arts" and it's pretty easy to find. Need to see any breaking Political stories. Click "Politics" and there they are.

But, wait, where have I seen this before? Oh, the front page of The Miami Herald in their news grid section. I actually like the Herald news grid, so I'm happy to see it catch on. Though, I do prefer how the Times' version has its own dedicated page, and sections can be skimmed through by clicking the space bar.

Though, the Herald isn't the first place I've seen news in grid like format. The defunct blog Sploid had an all grid front page back when it debuted, but I can't remember if it has all the neat java features of the Times' and Herald's layout.

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