Norman Braman Endorses Mayor Loco Xavier Suarez?

So multi-billionaire car dealer Norman Braman is all about reforming county government and curtailing the influence of lobbyists. Then why the heck is Braman's mug on a flyer endorsing Xavier Suarez for county commissioner? Voters in district 7 received the campaign literature last week with a quote from the auto mangate saying, "Xavier has always kept the public interest in mind while being our mayor." Really? The guy whose 1997 Miami mayoral campaign was busted for rampant voter fraud is going to keep the public's interest? I don't think so.

Moreover, Suarez is the candidate of special interests. This past May 10, Suarez held a fundraiser whose hosts included Courtney Cunningham and Christopher Korge, two former lobbyists who got rich under Alex Penelas' mayoral regime, as well as Rosario Kennedy and Al Maloof, two prominent political arm twisters at Miami and County halls. Suarez's $117,000 campaign war chest is dominated with contributions from folks that do business with the county. The former Miami mayor is vying against ex-State Rep. Julio Robaina to replace Carlos Gimenez, who is running for county mayor.

If Braman doesn't want to lose credibility in his quest to reform county government, he shouldn't be telling people to vote for a retread who has sold out to the very people he rails against.

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