No, the Miami Dolphins Shouldn't Sign Jay Cutler

It's that time of year again, when disgruntled quarterbacks and high-priced free agents are linked to the Miami Dolphins because the Fins are always looking to throw money at a problem.

But not this year, and definitely not at quarterback. Not with Ryan Tannehill's knee declared fully healthy, with months to spare before training camp. Not with Tannehill coming off a terrific season, even if the stats don't scream Pro Bowl. And not after Matt Moore proved himself at the very least capable of keeping the ship off the rocks when handed the reins in choppy waters.

But even if the Dolphins decide to add a quarterback this offseason, that player 100 percent should not be Jay Cutler. Are you people crazy? Stop it, Sporting News, which suggests the Dolphins could pick up the former Bears gunslinger.

The Fins are not actually in the business of being a "perfect solution" for flawed players with bad reputations on the last legs of their mediocre careers. OK, that's not entirely true. If Cutler were an offensive guard, the Dolphins might make some sense, but he's not. Cutler is a mistake-prone quarterback who lacks the sort of discipline the Dolphins need, even in a back-up role.

Cutler threw for 3,659 yards with 21 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, a completion percentage of 64.4, and a passer rating of 92.3 in 2015 with Adam Gase as his offensive coordinator in Chicago. It was undoubtedly his best season. It would be Gase's greatest achievement if he hadn't somehow won a playoff game with Tim Tebow. That's all fine and dandy, but this isn't the NBA, and you can't play two point guards at once.

Tannehill thrived under Gase last season, and he certainly enters 2017-18 with a chance to move into the Top 10 of NFL quarterbacks. Having cameras cut to Cutler every time Tannehill throws an interception next season will only make his job that much harder. Cutler isn't looking to support a starting quarterback like Bernie Kosar did for Dan Marino in the '90s. If Cutler came to Miami, he would obviously be hoping for Tannehill to fail so he could get one last shot at a starting gig and, in turn, another big payday.

The Dolphins should pass on Cutler if the Chicago Bears indeed release him, no matter the cost or relationship with Gase.

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