No Party for Miami Babylon: How to Sell Books by Alienating People

There's nothing quite like a little lighthearted controversy when you're trying to get PR. So luckily for the author of the upcoming South Beach tell-all Miami Babylon, Gerald Posner, some behind-the-scenes bitch fights made it to the New York Post this morning

Icon Brickell developer Jorge Perez agreed to hold a shindig at his building, which would have been nice, considering the beautiful complex seems to attract more revelers than residents. However, he pulled the plug when he found out a quote in the book from his former partner desribed the two loved to "party and pussy." 

So PR queen Tara Solomon stepped in, until she had problems with something written about Al Malnik. 

"Miami is a town where they will give a party for the opening of an envelope," Posner tells the


. "When you can't get a party in Miami, it's the ultimate sign you've stepped on toes."

Which is true. Anyone remember the fete I held two years ago when I opened that Halloween card from my grandma? There was ten whole dollars in there! It paid for half a drink! 

Luckily for Posner, a bit of gossip might go further to promote the book than some VIP shindig no one will remember the next morning. In fact, if I were handling the PR for the tome, this probably would have been my plan all along.


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