No, Charlie Crist Did Not Date Jill Kelley's Twin Sister

The growing scandal involving the affairs of Gen. David Patraeus and Gen. John Allen looked for a minute like it was about to include, at least peripherally, former Gov. Charlie Crist as well. Yesterday, English paper The Daily Telegraph reported that Natalie Khawam, the twin sister of Jill Kelley, used to date Crist.

Crist now says that's just not true.

Here's how The Telegraph dropped the bit of gossip:

They also have direct links to Florida's highest political circles, The Daily Telegraph has learned. Miss Khawam once dated Charlie Crist, the state's former governor, a Republican source said, while Pam Bondi, its Attorney General and a close ally of Mitt Romney, attended a function at Mrs Kelley's home.

In case you're not following this military soap opera, Patraeus's mistress Paula Broadwell sent threatening e-mails to Jill Kelley, a married Tampa socialite (ha!) and friend of the Patraeus family. Kelley also exchanged explicit emails with Adams. At some point, an FBI agent investigating the mess also sent shirtless pics to Kelley.

She has a twin sister, Natalie Khawam. Despite not sexting up military leaders, Khawam has her own problems.

Crist however denies that he ever actually dated Khawam.

"Didn't happen," Crist told The Buzz. "I may have met her."

Crist added, "Consider the source," and, yes, the guy isn't exactly the best friend of anonymous "Republican sources" these days.

Crist did say that he once had dinner with Kelley, her husband, and Patraeus and his wife.

"I think she's a delightful person," he said of meeting Kelley.

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