No Bags at Sun Life Stadium: Get Ready for Airport-Level Security at Dolphins Games

This year's horrific Boston Marathon bombing sent a clear message to NFL security chiefs: Big public sporting events are still prime targets for anyone looking to wreak havoc with a bomb. Their response? Leave your coolers, large purses, zipped-up seat cushions, and oversize bags at home.

Getting into Sun Life Stadium might not quite equal a TSA-level patdown just yet, but the only thing you'll be able to take to Fins games are clear plastic bags and hand-size purses. Not everyone is thrilled about the change.

"It's discriminatory against women," Jets fan Katie McSherry tells the New York Times, pointing out purses are specifically targeted. "Men don't have to worry about it."

Others charge that the move is just a stealth play to prevent fans from taking their own food and drinks into games or to add a revenue stream by encouraging fans to buy team-branded clear bags now for sale online.

But NFL officials say its all about safety. "The Miami Dolphins are committed to ensuring the fan experience is second to none," the team says in a release sent to Riptide. "The safety of our guests at Sun Life Stadium is essential."

Here's a chart of what you can expect to get into the stadium this year:

The Dolphins will send a clear bag to every season ticket-holder, but other fans will need to track down an approved sack on their own.

Fans will get their first taste of the new policy this Saturday when the Dolphins host their first exhibition of the year at Sun Life.

At last weekend's preseason games, the Times found many women complaining their purses didn't pass the test and led to long delays while handbags were searched and their owners were sent back to their cars to stow the bags.

The problems were bad enough to inspire one parody that's racked up close to 400,000 views on YouTube this week:

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