Next Step In Gay Marraige Fight: Waiting Game For The Obama Supreme Court

Last night was a bit bittersweet for liberals. We may have finally gotten our first "radical socialist" President into the White House since FDR, but in four states, including Florida, voters went to the polls to decide the fate of other people's personals affairs in the form of anti-Gay ballot measures, and it seems that all four of them will pass.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking is California's Prop 8 which takes away a right previously afforded to people. This whole idea of state initiatives comes out of the Progressive Era, and it's original intent was never to decide issues of civil rights. Quite simply it's a perversion of democracy, and our sister paper out in San Francisco, SF Weekly, scored an interview with newly-elected California State Senator Mark Leno on the next step the battle for gay rights will take.

Yep, it's off to the supreme court once Obama replaces a few of the older conservative justices. We'll see, but Riptide has at least have a bit of hope that the part of our Amendment 2 that forbids civil unions may not hold up if it's challenged.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder