News Roundup: Three Shot at Liberty City BBQ

  • Metro West Detention center held an America Idol-style talent show for inmates: "Second place went to Cortez Atkins, 32, for his rap about treating women well. Atkins is awaiting trial on drug, alcohol and domestic-violence charges." [NBCMiami]
  • A gunmen opened fire on a Liberty City BBQ this weekend, and injured two teenage boys and a young man. [CBS4]
  • Pembroke Pines opened a new art center and only one of the 23 studio spaces have been leased. Pssst: It's probably because very few self-respecting artists wanna be stuck in Pembroke Pines. [Herald]
  • Dwyane Wade returned to the court, against in-state rivals the Orlando Magic and lost 96-80. [UPI]
  • So Manhattan College, which is a real school that apparently exists, handed Hurricanes baseball their first loss, and the NYDN has a much too long, triumphant story about it. Whatever. Miami still won the three game series 2-1, including an 18-1 rout on Saturday. [NYDN]
  • Of course, 'Canes fans have to be defensive towards the baseball team, because the basketball team is a lost cause at this point. They lost 71-66 to NC State. [AP]
  • The Dolphins QB coach has been helping Tim Tebow, for no reason whatsoever. This will surely come back to bite us in the ass when Tebow goes to the Jags and leads them to the next AFC Championship game against an insurgent Dolphins ....ok, I can't finish that with a straight face... [Herald]

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Kyle Munzenrieder