News Roundup: Mayor Diaz's Last Day; Heat Off to Hot Start

  • As of noon today, Manny Diaz will no longer be mayor of Miami. The Miami Herald paints him as "a sober, patient reformist up to his elbows in the minutiae of turning around a troubled city" who enacted "an agenda of a scope unmatched by any other Miami mayor in decades." One likely, for better or worse, not to be matched by incoming mayor Tomas Regalado. [Herald]
  • Eye on Miami says the Diaz administration was an opportunity wasted, because the riverfront was surrounded by high-rise condos. [EyeOnMiami]
  • Meanwhile, Regalado met with Governor Crist to talk money and renovation of Miami Marine Stadium. "With the leadership of the mayor, things are going to be in a good place," Crist said. [NBCMiami
  • We haven't been closely covering disgraced Fort Lauderdale lawyer Scott Rothstein here, mainly because our friends at the Juice and Pulp have been doing such a good job, but here's Bob Norman on how Rothstein put the immediate future of the Versace Mansion into question. [Pulp]
  • The mother of Jasper Howard, the slain UConn player, might lose her home. "That's because of a letter she recently received from the Housing Choice Voucher Program for the Miami-Dade Public Housing Agency. She says the more than $800 subsidy for her rental home will end next month." [CBS4
  • Meanwhile, an affidavit released in the Howard case reveals his final moments. [NBCMiami]
  • Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz says woman are repulsed by the GOP, and refuses to apologize for it. [Juice]
  • Charlie Crist says he wasn't aware the president was in Florida, but emails show the governor's staff certainly knew. [Herald]
  • Marco Rubio talks the talk on the conservative immigration agenda, but has shied away from walking the walk. [Herald
  • Dwyane Wade scored 41 points last night, leading the Heat to a 90-76 victory over the Wizards. The Heat is 6-1 and leads the division. [Philly]
  • The Hurricanes have new Nike-designed uniforms, and they're a pretty boring solid white with colored numbers. They'll debut at the USF game. [Rakontur]

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Kyle Munzenrieder