• Univision is opening its own production studio in Miami. [LATimes]
  • According to a recent poll, Miami is the second most desirable travel destination after Las Vegas. [CBS4]
  • Ad sales at McClatchy, the Miami Herald's parent company, are down 20 percent this quarter, but that's apparently good because it's less than in past quarters. [ABCNews]
  • In a special session, the Florida House passed SunRail legislation. Now it's off to the Senate. [CBS4]

News Roundup: Goodell Thinks LandShark Stadium Is a Has-Been


  • NFL commish Roger Goodell says LandShark Stadium might be good enough to host the Pro Bowl but is getting too old to host the Super Bowl. First, Roger Goodell, there is no way this town is building another stadium anytime soon, but maybe when the Marlins move out, LandShark will get an update. Second, why are you so stadium-ageist? [NBCMiami]
  • University of Iowa is traveling to the Orange Bowl with an entourage of about 600. That's not fans -- that's the band, spirit squad, cheerleaders, support crews, etc. [WQAD]

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