News Roundup: Flood Warning Issues

  • The SEC is auditing the City of MIami and may be questioning some of its budget practices. [Herald]
  • Here's another reason to avoid Hialeah: they're installing their first red light cameras starting by December 1st. [CBS4]
  • Police in Miami Gardens, which still has one of the highest crime rates n the country, are touting the fact that they're now the 35th most dangerous city in America instead of the 13th. [Herald]
  • If you're reading this, it might be raining. [CBS4]
  • In fact, a flood warning has been issued in Miami-Dade. [Herald]
  • MIA is expected to have a 2.5 percent drop in travelers compared to last Thanksgiving week. [Herald]
  • America TeVe has merged with CV Network, which gives the Miami-based station a presences in New York and Puerto Rico. [AP]
  • Police have released another sketch of the Coconut Grove rapist. [CBS4]
  • Linebacker Matt Roth, who totally had a groin injury during training camp and we all totally believe that it was 100% legit, was cut from the Dolphins. [Herald]
  • The Miami Hurricanes are 1 of 20 teams still eligible for a BCS at-large bid. We're not holding our breath, but we'll see. [AP]

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Kyle Munzenrieder