News Roundup

Here're today's headlines... without headlines:

  • Rudy Crew walks away with $300-400,000. That's about half of the $700k the rest of his contract was worth, but who's going to complain when they get any money for quitting a job they increasingly sucked at? [CBS 4]

  • A judge in Monroe county has declared Florida's ban on gay adoption unconstitutional. My dream of being adopted by Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi might come true after all. [Herald]

  • Some girl tried to hide her baby under a plant. Silly girl, the state's ban on adoption by plants is still in effect. [WSVN]

  • Thank God for Local 10 and their hard hitting investigative reports: "Mom Finds Son Spinning Around Inside Running Washing Machine."[Local 10]

  • A new Marlin stadium would serve "a public purpose". Yes, technically wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on a losing team no one cares about is a purpose. [USA Today]

  • A man is found dead on the Metromover tracks. [NBC 6]

  • A former administrator of a Miami HIV Clinic pleads guilty to her role in a pretty despicable $14 million fraud scheme. [Market Watch]
  • --Kyle Munzenrieder


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