News Roundup

  • Miami-Dade officials will finally end the era of sex offenders living under the Julia Tuttle Causeway, we hope. The first round might be moved this week to condos in South Miami. [Herald]
  • Two men carried a dead shark around on the Metromover, hoping to sell it. Then they just left it in the street. [AP]
  • Marc Anthony has officially bought into the Miami Dolphins. They sure are acquiring a lot of "interesting" talent in the owners' box. Wish they could do the same on the field. [Bloomberg]
  • ETA of Florida's economic recovery: spring 2010. [SPTimes]
  • Good news for McClatchy, parent company of our beloved Miami Herald: Profits are up this quarter thanks to drastic cost-cutting. [Reuters]
  • Charlie Crist still supports the gay adoption ban. [FCN]
  • The U.S. Commerce Department gave UM a $15 million grant to study hurricanes. No, it is not a joke. As far as we know, FSU didn't get a few mil to study Native Americans, and UF didn't receive money for a gator science program. [PBPost]

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