News Roundup


  • A man jumped in front of a Metrorail train in South Miami this morning. He is dead now. [Herald]
  • The homosexuals cannot get married or adopt children, but now they can fly a flag without having to get a permit. Small steps! [NBCMiami]
  • Miami Commissioner Angel Gonzalez was questioned by the State Attorney's Office because he didn't disclose rental income. [Herald]


  • There are not a lot of Americans left playing in the Sony Ericsson, so it falls again to the Williams sisters to make an entire country proud on the tennis courts. [TSN]
  • Oh, and Andy Roddick too. What would happen if he and the Williams sisters decided to take a road trip together one summer and their van crashed, resulting in career-ending injuries? Would tennis cease to exist in the U.S. of A.? [UPI]
  • UM baseball at least won one of its games in its series against GaTech, so it's not that embarassing. [Herald]
  • The Heat beat the Bucks. [AP]


  • The prosecution rests in the Castroneves tax evasion trial. We will get you, Castroneves. You need to pay for your share of the bailout like the rest of us. [AP]

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