News Roundup

  • Dodging this shoe was like the most awesome thing President Bush has done in years. It kind of makes you remember why so many Americans wanted to have a beer with him in the first place. [AFP]
  • Myriam Marquez wrote this horribly mean thing about Charlie Crist's wedding, and failed to make even one gay joke. Unless you count that part where she called it a "political fairy tale." Even still, I bet Charlie has no problem with keeping the honeymoon short. [Herald]
  • Your Miami Dolphins kept the 49ers TD-less, and pulled off a win, 14-9. They remain tied for first with the Jets and Patriots. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Fidel Castro may be the Dick Cheney of Cuba, in that he doesn't have the official title, but he still may be running the show. [Herald]
  • Jane Dee Gross wants to run for a seat on the Miami Beach City Commission after her husband, Saul Gross, is forced off in 2009 due to term limits. [Herald]
  • National treasure Lindsay Lohan was in Miami for like a couple hours on Saturday while her girlfriend Samantha Ronson spun at Karu & Y. [E!]
  • The Florida Red Cross laid off nearly half of its staff. [Local10 ...er Just News?]

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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