News Roundup

  • Rep. Tim Mahoney may have had a second affair with an official in Martin County. Keep it in your pants, man. [AP]

  • The head of Miami's SEC office is in hot water for dropping action against Bear Stearns. [Herald]

  • FPL will raise its rates slightly in January to pay for the construction of two Nuclear power plants. [Local 10]

  • Rumor: Layoffs at Ocean Drive. Hope not. [Gawker]

  • Teachers will bring bars of soap to Today's school board meeting to protest that the board "come clean" during the district's budgeting process. [Herald]

  • Though both the Miami-Dade and Broward school districts received a $250,000 grants yesterday. That'd pay the salary of a Superintendent for a year. [Sun-Sentinel]

  • The Canes' recruiting class may again be one of the best in the nation. [ESPN]


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