• Yes, there will be a bunch of Republican Governors in town this week, but will they be able to accomplish anything? [Time]

  • Oh sugar, sugar. A new deal with US Sugar was announced yesterday. It would put their lands in public hands and theoretically would be beneficial to the Everglade, the company and small towns alike. Sweet. [Herald]

  • Charlie Crist was on his way to Miami to announce the deal and to attend the Republican Governor's Association Conference when his plane had to make an emergency landing in Sarasota. He saw his life flash before his eyes: from those PIKE ragers at FSU to his days obsessing about chain gangs to the secret bitterness he holds towards Sarah Palin.[Sun-Sent]

  • Two years after the scandal former congressman Mark Foley is opening up about his sexual orientation, dealing with child hood abuse and those infamous text messages. [Sun-Sent]

  • The Miami Dolphins may just have the easiest route to the playoffs in their division. [Herald]

  • South Florida scientists could benefit if Obama lifts Stem Cell restrictions, but more importantly so could people's health. [Local 10]

  • Marlins pitcher Henry Owens will be suspended for 50 games after testing positive for banned performance enhancing drugs. [NBC6]

News Roundup

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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