News Roundup


  • Coral Gables-based Bank United collapsed yesterday in the biggest bank failure of 2009. The remnants were sold to an investor group, and all their offices should be open today. [AFP]
  • A man tried to set fire to a synagogue on Miami Beach, but was caught on video. The suspect has been arrested. [CBS4]
  • A lady in West Miami-Dade left her toddler in her pick-up truck all day while she worked inside a Petsmart. The child died. [CBS4]
  • Hey Mel Martinez are you leaving the Senate early? "This is crazy shit." What? [The Hill]
  • Two pit bulls in Ft. Lauderdale attacked a woman and two small dogs. [CBS4]


  • College Baseball: FSU picked off UM in the ACC tournament, which is a very unfortunate thing indeed. UM still gets to play BC Friday, and a win would keep the hope alive that they'd host a regional -- in Jim Morris's eyes at least. [Herald]
  • Robert Marve officially committed to Purdue, so there's that. [AP]
  • UM's Jacory Harris, aka the guy who took Marve's QB job, will be working out with Dante Culpepper this summer. [NBCMiami]

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