News Roundup


  • A policeman sped through an intersection and hit a young mother's car, ramming it into the side of a house. The woman died, and a lady inside the house was taken to the emergency room. The officer was following a car whose driver was wanted for speeding. [Herald]
  • Michelle Spence Jones is playing hardball with the stadium deal. But hey, we had it first. . [CBS4]
  • If you didn't think HIV/AIDS was still a problem, which surprisingly a lot of people don't, well NEWS FLASH: It's still a problem. [Herald]


  • The Grand Ol' Florida legislative session will commence this Tuesday, and here's a rundown on some of their top priorities. [DBNJ]
  • Wingnuts continue to be mad at Charlie Crist and they have paper and pens and stamps and lots of exclamation marks and so much anger burning within. [SPTimes]
  • His fellow law makers are not much happier with him. [Ledger]
  • Yet still, Democrats are convinced he will be unbeatable in 2010. [SunSent]
  • Meanwhile, someone is looking in to cleaning up all of this Gerrymandering around the State. [SPTimes]


  • UM can still beat UF in one sport: Baseball! [Herald]
  • The Heat beat the Knicks 120-115, also the image accompanying this article is quite something to behold. DWYANE WADE SMASH!! [Newsday]
  • Alonzo Mournings numer, 33, will be joining him retirement. Together they'll both sip margarittas on the beach and continue their acts of charity around town. [AP]
  •  The diva like behavior of Bryce Brown warrants a nice article for his brother Arthur, a current UM player, an article in The Herald. [Herald]


  • The Swiss counterpart to Design Miami/ is being absorbed into Art Basel. Wonder if the same will happen here. [Interior Design]
  • Oh, deary. Rihanna and Chris Brown are apparently back together and shacked up at P. Diddy's Star Island mansion all weekend. Personal descions.  [USA Today]
  • But wait, maybe Rihanna wasn't there at all. [Herald]
  • Mickey Rourke: Sell out? [Defamer]

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.