News Roundup

  • Manny Diaz on the "breather" citizens apparently wanted by elected Regalado: "We are now competing with the rest of the world. If we take a breather, the rest of the world will pass us by." [CBS4]
  • A Miami native who spent 17 years in jail for stealing Rolexes got out of jail in 2007 and is heading back to jail after stealing eight more Rolexes. [AP]
  • The mayor of Hialeah and two council members will be re-sworn in today after facing trivial opposition for re-election. This is exactly how our Founding Fathers pictured democracy. [CBS4]
  • A baby born in March who only weighed 1 lb. 1 oz. is finally heading home. [CBS4]
  • Toll stations will be phased out by 2011, and if you don't have a SunPass they'll bill you in the mail. [Herald]
  • The New England Patriots have vowed to figure out the wildcat. They're the only divisional rival the Fins haven't met (or beaten) yet. [NESN]
  • Michael Jordan's son is playing for UCF next year and refused to wear Adidas shoes, preferring his dad's Nikes, so Adidas just up and cancelled their entire sponsorship of the team. What happened to taking one for the team? [CBS4]

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Kyle Munzenrieder