• Canes Win! Canes Win! Canes Win! After their narrow 16-14 victory against Virginia Tech last night the team for the very first time since entering the conference looks like a serious contender for the ACC title match-up late in the season. Right now they stand alone at the top of their division, though they could find themselves in a tie with North Caroline depending on the outcome of their game this Saturday. Whatever, that's five wins in a row! [IHT]

  • The Miami city commission launches a homeowner loan program aimed at preventing foreclosure. Miami has some of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. [Herald]

  • There's a German, schizophrenic, "cross-dressing", escaped mental patient possibly lose in Coconut Grove. He dresses in female clothes and identifies under the feminine name Robbi (sounds more like the term should be transgendered in this case, and not cross-dresser, but we'll give The Herald the benefit of the doubt). He is believed to be a danger to himself. [Herald]

  • The county is going to spend $3.5 million dollars on the run off race for the property appraiser office. $3,500,00! [NBC6]

  • McDonald's is planning to build an eco-friendly restaurant in North Miami. [NBC6]

  • Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Who knows? [Politico]

News Roundup

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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