News Roundup

  • A county program that helped low-income people pay their utility bills will be shut down because the county was overwhelmed by the amount of applications that came in. [CBS4]
  • Whiney Fidel Castro says America is infecting Cuba with swine flu, but not intentionally. [CBS4]
  • For the 21st time this year, a slaughtered horse was found in South Florida. [Herald]
  • Gas prices in South Florida have hit a high for 2009. The average is now $2.72 a gallon. [CBS4]
  • Only 22 percent of Republicans would vote for Charlie Crist over Jeb Bush if they could duke it out for governor. [Herald]
  • It seems more and more likely that Paula Dockery will challenge Bill McCollum in the Republican primary for governor. [NakedPolitics]
  • This video and story about a University of Miami walk-on player will absolutely break your heart and possibly bring you to tears. So grab the tissues. [ESPN]
  • The Patriots had a bye week, so where did Tom Brady and Gisele head for Halloween? Miami. [JustJared]
  • The Heat topped the Chicago Bulls 95-87 after beating the Pacers Friday. Miami is undefeated, which means little this early in the season, but it's pleasing nonetheless. [UPI]

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Kyle Munzenrieder