News Roundup

  • There was this horrible, senseless shooting in Liberty City. Sigh. Authorities want information on a masked gunmen. [CNN]
  • The Speaker of the Florida House continues to lawyer up and refuses to resign as of yet. [Herald]
  • Carl Hiaasen: "Republican lawmakers would rather invest in new asphalt than in your children." [Herald]
  • Two teen girls in Boynton beat up a Papa John's delivery man, and hid pizza in their closet. [JustNews]
  • It's official. Big Tuna will continue swimming with the Dolphins. [ESPN]
  • Mr Whipple might become Canes Football's new Offensive Coordinator. Hopefully he will teach them how to squeeze more than just the Charmin. [Herald]
  • Some jovial Italian man won the Miami marathon. We, meanwhile, were just getting home for the night as the clock for this thing started ticking. Marathons? Some people. [USA Today]
  • Brian Ashbury scored a three pointer to tie up the Canes game against VT with 25 seconds left last night, but the canes ended loosing 88-83 in overtime. [AP]
  • Penn beat out Rourke at the SAG awards. [CBS4]
  • The Miami Ballet was a big, big hit in New York City and everyone cheered and cheered, and inside the dancers were thrilled with these cheers and everyone was so happy. Yes, they were. [Herald]

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