News Roundup


  • Miami commissioners will vote on whether to build a new children's courthouse today. [Herald]
  • And F.D.O.T. is expected to finally make a decision on the Port of Miami tunnel this week. Gee, so many things are coming to a head this week. Once you commit $2.1 billion to help a private enterprise like the Marlins, everything else seems like kids play. [Herald]
  • Thousands of Miami-Dade school employees will have their pay delayed for three days. Ever a one-upper, superintendent Alberto Carvalho was like, "oh yeah guys, I'm going to have my pay delayed six days." [Herald]
  • Gang's are coming back. Yipes. [CBS4]
  • The State Senate wants to turn South Florida into a gambling wonderland. [NBCMIami]


  • The Heat lost in Indiana, 90-88. [PBPost]
  • Here is some more flame to throw on the Dwyane Wade for MVP fire. [ChiTrib]
  • Chad Pennington doesn't find it awkward at all that people are talking about Chad Henne as the Chad who will take the Dolphins into the future. He was just busy being a hanging Chad at the Sony Ericcson. [Herald]

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