• The federal government decided that the county can be treated like a big boy again, and gave back control of the housing agency. HUD had seized control in 2007. [Herald]
  • Sorry, no split title. The Florida Gators finish #1 on the AP poll after last night's BCS win. By the way, I'm all for Miami hiring away Utah's coach. It worked so well for the Gators. [AP]
  • Here's one way to deal with the budget crises: "Senate considers halting Florida Forever." Yeah, we've had enough of this whole being a state thing, let's just quit while we're ahead and call it a day, eh? Actually Florida Forever is a land-buying program near and dear to conservationists' hearts. [Buzz]
  • Our greatest living President, at least until January 20, stopped by South Beach last night to raise funds for an MLK, Jr. memorial. [CBS4]
  • Spiderman is in the tank for Barack Obama. [Salon]
  • In between saving the economy, restructuring the college football rankings, and making pigs fly, Obama must also find time to save the Everglades. [Herald]
  • Hialeah cool guy Nilo Juri gets four years. [Herald]

News Roundup

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