News Roundup

  • The Herald just straight up said the long early voting lines are State Republican's fault. [Herald]

  • Gawker says "nutty conservative weather-obsessed Miami queen blogger" Matt Drudge is soooooo over. Gawker itself has been called sooooo over a million times before. That is just something powerful bloggers do, call each other irrelevant, and maybe if we work hard enough, God willing, someone will call Riptide irrelevant, some day. [Gawker]

  • A PTA President stole money from a chocolate sale fundraiser, allegedly. NBC 6 says "it left a bitter taste" in parents' mouths. There has to be a better joke, but it is too early to think of one. [NBC6]

  • Joan Fleischman says a circuit Judge David Miller "battered" fellow judge Maria Espinosa Dennis. [Herald]

  • The RNC spent more than $150k on clothes for Sarah Palin and her family, including $75k at a Neiman Marcus and $49k at Saks. Why can't she be more thrifty? Hillary bought her pantsuits in bulk from Costco. [Politico]

  • Some guy in Dania Beach stole a stick of deodorant with a BB gun, and will have the worst story to tell in prison ever. [NBC6]

  • The Heat finally won a pre-season game against the Memphis Grizzlies, who honestly we forgot were even a team. [CP]

    --Kyle Munzenrieder


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