• They captured UM's crocodile killer. Wasn't drunk frat boys, or crazy UF students, it was a 16 year old looking for a thrill kill. Police are still looking for an adult who helped lure the crocodile. [Herald]

  • Many voters are surprised to find they're on the no match list, including a candidate's wife and a Heat player. Unsurprisingly minorities outnumber whities six to one on the list. [Herald]

  • Florida has the second highest rate of uninsured children in the nation, with almost one in five, but, No, this current health care system is working just fine. No need to change it. Let's just give everyone tax credits! [Sun-Sent]

  • A poll worker and a voter in Kendall got into an altercation. The voter said the worker attacked her because she was voting for John McCain, and then scrawled a backwards B on her face. [NBC6]

  • Defede rounds up all the third party candidates, and talks to someone from the "Boston Tea Party." We think Nader's running mate is kind of awesome, but sorry dude, not this time. [CBS4]

News Roundup

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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