News Roundup

  • The chances for a revised bailout bill to pass the senate are looking good, but the chances for the bill to pass the last time were looking good too. So don't hold your breath. [CBS 4]

  • Charlie Crist made his second Supreme Court appointment, tapping First District Court of Appeal Judge Ricky Polston. [Naked Politics]

  • Jay-Z will be headlining a free concert in support of Obama and voter registration this Sunday. [CBS 4]

  • The jury in the Joe Kill trial came back in a deadlock on the murder charges for defendant Guillermo Zarabozo. The judge declared a mistrial. [Herald]

  • A father in North Miami will be the next to challenge Florida's gay adoption ban in court. [Herald]

  • Gov. Christ says a new controversial voting law is totally fair. [Herald]


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