News Roundup

  • 60 percent of Americans think we should change our policy towards Cuba, and President-elect Obama may likely take steps to normalizing relations if free elections and freeing of political prisoners is part of the package. Wow, it feels so good to write President-elect Obama. [Local 10]

  • The Herald was a fashionable ol' timey souvenir item yesterday. [CBS4]

  • Amendment 3 may be headed for a recount. [Herald]

  • Now that the Campaign is over, even juicier stuff is coming out about Sarah Palin. Many in the McCain camp were just about as fed up with her as we all were. [NY Times]

  • Ew and ugh: "Man with 'largest collection of infants and babies' porn gets 10 years" [Sun-Sent]

  • Defede on Obama: "Change Has Come to America" [CBS4]

    --Kyle Munzenrieder

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