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  • David Woud, the president of the Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce, shot his wife before shooting himself. His wife had recently suffered a debilitating stroke. [Herald]
  • Two women and a man were found shot to death in a SW Miami-Dade home. Police suspect domestic violence. [SunSent]
  • The Coast Guard is searching for a man and his 8 year-old daughter after their boat washed ashore without them. [SunSent]
  • Oh, apparently we are responsible for the hillbilly heroin problem. [Herald]
  • HIV meds give patients the hopes of a long life and significantly reduce the odds of transmission, but dating and dealing with disclosure is a difficult thing. [Herald]


  • The Heat clinch a playoff spot. It's a familiar theme in Miami sports lately: turning around from a god   awful season one year, to the after season the next. [Herald]
  • This isn't exactly breaking news, but the only thing keeping Miami football alive right now is the past. [Herald]
  • Andy Murray is your Miami Masters male master. [CNN]
  • Meanwhile Victoria Azarenka is your female master. [CNN]
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  • Matt Drudge, who controls the entire media from his Miami apartment, does "not love sex with men." But damn it, he loves his Judge Judy. [Gawker]
  • Local 10 anchor Charles Perez is locked in a legal battle with his ex-lover, Dennis Pena. Apparently Pena sent around emails claiming that Perez was dealing with gender identity issues. [Herald]

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