News Roundup

  • H1N1 vaccines will be administered in South Florida beginning Monday, with a news conference scheduled today to fill in details. [CBS4]
  • You know it's a slow news morning when NBCMiami's main story is about a manatee that traveled all the way to Manhattan. [NBCMiami]
  • Let's see what the Herald's working with: Oh, a story about seniors "scrimping" because they don't get a Social Security raise this year. [Herald]
  • The Port of Miami tunnel was cleared and might actually happen. Now we just have to wait two years for a "giant tunnel-digging machine." [Herald]
  • Randy Shannon, one of the few black coaches in major college football, is an inspiration to other African-American coaches waiting in the trenches. [OSent]
  • Guess which Riptide obsession objects sing along in the latest episode of "Auto-Tune the News"? No, seriously, guess. Oh, OK, fine, we'll tell you: Alan Grayson and Hugo Chávez. [YouTube]


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