News Roundup

  • Booze and boobs. They just go together, but Miami Beach won't let their only strip club have a liquor license. The owner plans to sue the city. [Herald]

  • South Florida has the worst inflation in the entire country (that's economic inflation, not anything else if you're still caught up in that last story) [Sun-Sentinel]

  • Mario Diaz-Balart calls for Joe Garcia to return campaign contributions from embattled congressman Charles Rangel. Naturally, Diaz-Balart has accepted contributions from shady characters as well. [Herald]

  • The search for a new superintendent of schools takes months in most school districts, but here it took about five seconds. Some eyebrows and concerns have been raised. [NBC 6]

  • The Federal government will bail out AIG. [CBS 4]

  • Is there a Pulitzer for coverage of wacky traffic stories that perfectly illustrate the tragicomedy that is life? [Herald, & Herald]

    --Kyle Munzenrieder


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