News Roundup

  • The University of Miami is not immune to the recession. President Shalala outlines a contingency plan for the next to years aimed at lowering spending. The school has had a hiring freeze in place since December, but Shalala promises no large layoffs. [Hurricane]
  • The School Board approved a plan to cut $56 million from the district's budget by June. [CBS4]
  • Robert Ward was given $175,000 by the County to open Subway sandwich shops in Overtown, but pretty much just spent it on himself. [NBC6]
  • Years ago UM came down on their student newspaper for interviewing Peaches, the electroclash artist of "Fuck the Pain Away" fame. Now, apparently its cool that they run interviews with a male porn star who's been with over 2,500 female partners on screen. It's cool though, because he's an alumnus. [Hurricane]
  • Maybe some of his videos were on former Department of Juvenile Justice executive Gus Barreiro's laptop. [CBS4]
  • That racist Republican lady up in Tampa Bay who doesn't understand the email said she wanted a second chance, but the Party Chairman was just like "LOL, No." [Herald]
  • A kitten and a baby pig. [ICHCB]

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