News Roundup

  • The President of the United States was in town last night, here's what he did:
    • Was greeted by both protesters and supporters... [SoFlTimes]
    • ...Including Kendrick Meek, Dan Gelber, Alex Sink and Manny Diaz. [NakedPolitics]
    • Rallied the democratic base at a fundraiser. [Herald]
    • And raised nearly $1.5 million. [FoxNews]

  • The Delano hotel will not give you much of a discount, because they are training you, the hotel consumer, not to expect to pay less even when the economy is good. [Herald]
  • Everyone hates Mayor Manny Diaz now, apparently, and because Joe Sanchez is not one of those haters he will not be your next mayor. [Herald]
  • Former Dolphin Bob Griese was suspended by ESPN for remarking that a Hispanic race car driver enjoys eating tacos. That is pretty embarrassing, but for the sake of his and his family's safety at least he wasn't suspended for getting involved in a "Fatal Attraction" with a 23 year-old production assistant like they have a habit of doing over at ESPN. [CBS4]


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