News Roundup


  • Only now does someone realize that the economic situation might impact the Marlins ballpark? [Herald]
  • The FCAT begins today for all those poor school children. [CBS4]


  • Franklin Sands, the Democratic leader in the state House, is a quiet little whisper of a man. [Herald]
  • Dan Gelber racks up another service day. [PoHo]
  • Oh, no. The Obama car is for sale, but no one is buying. [PoHo]


  • Epic finish. Dwyane Wade scores a 3 pointer to break an OT with four seconds on the clock. The Heat beat the Bulls 130-127 [AP]
  • Jack McClinton has found his spot on the All-ACC team for the third year in a row. [SunSent]


  • One lucky girl at UM may get to be in Playboy, and no one her age will

    ever know because all the guys look at internet porn. So only her dad's

    friends will see. [JustNews]

  • One Bono is really much more than this world can take, but that doesn't stop this fuax-Bono. [Herald]
  • With The L Word over, what becomes of my favorite Herald blog: [The L Word(s)]

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