News Roundup

  • Will Ferral reprised his role as George W. Bush on last night's SNL Weekend Update Thursday special. Tina Fey was there too! Clip above.

  • That story about Madonna and Chris Paciello getting back together? Not true. [Staten Island New]

  • A McCain supporter was allegedly attacked by a crazy man, who scratched a "B" into her face. [WTAE]

  • Except even Michelle Malkin kind of thinks she made it up. Apparently there's conflicting evidence at the scene, and the police are going to conduct a lie detector test. [Malkin]

  • Palm Beach Police arrested 35 people for prostitution related charges on Craigslist. [NBC6]

  • Animal Services rescued over 250 animals from a farm where they were feed garbage and illegally slaughtered. [Local10]

  • The 19 year old convicted of killing a homeless man while beating him just because, was sentenced to life. [CBS4]

  • The View's resident right winger Elizabeth Hasselback will be introducing Sarah Palin at two Florida rallies this weekend. They wanted to find someone who Palin would seem smart and level headed in comparison to. [ABC]

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