News Roundup


  • Jay Beckmen, the South Miami police commissioner was shot to death by his son. So far it seems like an accident. [Mail]
  • Five people were shot in two separate incidents yesterday. No one died. [Herald]
  • Manny Diaz is closing in on the lame duck portion of his term, so the Herald begins its look back highlighting his office of Faith-based initiatives. [Herald]


  • Dwyane Wade scored a career high 55 points over the Knicks, securing the Heat the 5th spot in the playoffs. [SPI]
  • Miami FC signs two former Fidel boys. [AP]
  • Oh no, the Hurricanes' first round NFL draft streak will likely come to an end. So long "NFLU." [NYTimes]
  • Stupid Clemson. Gotta win their stupid baseball games over the Canes. [UpstateToday]

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