• Gunnery Sgt. Marcelo R. Velasco, 40, of Miami died in Iraq last week. He is the 4,202nd US Troop to be killed in this war. [Defense Link]
  • Do these people have any sort of heart? Do they have any sort of sense of what's right for society beyond responding to their base level fears and ignorance? Plans are already underway to make challenges to preemptively ban domestic partnership benefits for same-sex couples in Florida cities that don't already have them. [Herald]
  • Our invitation to Charlie Crist's constitutionally protected nuptials (that were born out of true love, and a deep respect of tradition and family) must have gotten lost in the mail. [Herald]
  • Authorities cracked a prostitution ring that forced immigrant women into the trade. [Local 10]
  • In the big rematch between the Dolphins and the Patriots, the Fins kept things close during the first half, but got dominated during the second half, losing 48-28. At least Joey Porter might shut up for a little bit now.  [ESPN]
  • But things weren't so bad for franchise history. The '72 Dolphins will remain the only undefeated team in NFL history thanks to the Titans loss. [ESPN]
  • The Miami Hurricanes went into Thursday's game at the top of their division, and after Saturday they've been completely eliminated from ACC title hopes, and dropped from the rankings. It's cool, it's a "rebuilding year" remember? About the third one in a row.  [Sporting News]
  • Over on the hardcourt, the 17th ranked Canes basketball team won't be able to duplicate last season's 12 game win streak to open their season, but there's no shame in losing to 2nd ranked UConn. [ESPNU]

News Roundup

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