News Roundup

  • Myriam Marquez takes a closer look at why Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart changed his position on SCHIP. The bill this time included health coverage for legal immigrant children and didn't rely too heavily on tobacco taxes. [Herald]
  • Ex-2 Live Crew frontman and local treasure Uncle Luke was arrested last night for failing to pay child support. [CBS4]
  • The companies of R. Allen Stanford are under investigation for selling $8 billion worth of fraudulent CDs (the financial kind). The fraud directly affects the funding of many South Florida charities, including the Kiwanis of Little Havana. [PBPost]
  • Resident tuition at state universities could more than double to an average of $6,323 per year by 2013. [PBPost]
  • Bryce Brown, the nation's number one high school football recruit, was all set to sign with UM but raised eyebrows by not deciding on National Signing Day. Unless he puts his John Hancock down today, which seems likely, he'll be headed somewhere else. [USA Today]
  • The retrial of six Miami men suspected of planning to blow up the Sears Tower begins today. [SunSent]
  • The Miami International Boat Show sees a sharp drop in attendance. [SFBJ]

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Kyle Munzenrieder