News Roundup

  • Manny Diaz sent letters to a hundred Miami Police officers informing them they'd be let go unless the police union agrees to pay cuts. [Herald]
  • Doctors at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine were able to use a portion of a woman's tooth to restore her eyesight. [ABCNews]
  • Yet another Miami teen has been accused of trying to kill animals. Eighteen-year-old Luis Miguel Cordero allegedly asked a man to help him kill two horses. At least 17 horses have been slaughtered in the area this year. [Herald]
  • Miami-Dade has spent more money lobbying the federal government this year than any other county in the nation. In fact, only Puerto Rico and Pennsylvania have spent more on lobbying. [Herald]
  • Friends and family of the suspect in the Coral Gables High stabbing come to the teen's defense. However, he has already admitted to his role in the murder. [CBS4]
  • Meanwhile, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is trying to make arrangements for the victim's mother, who lives in Cuba, to come to the United States to attend the boy's funeral. [CBS4]

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Kyle Munzenrieder